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How can I have others look up at me with respect at work?

Be Unselfish at Work

Unselfish co-workers contribute to effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. By putting team goals and objectives before personal interests, teamplayers increase their value to the team and at the same time boost their own self-esteem and confidence.

How can I be a better leader?

Six Traits of Leaders

Studies have indicated six traits that are consistently associated with leadership:

  • Ambition & energy
  • Desire to lead
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Self-confidence
  • Intelligence
  • Job-relevant knowledge

  • How can I be a better supervisor?

    Managers As Effective Coaches

    Create a supportive climate for your team. A good coach eliminates or reduces barriers to development and encourages a climate that fosters performance improvement. Some ways to accomplish this are:

  • encourage a free and open exchange of ideas
  • offer help and guidance
  • be positive and upbeat with employees
  • view mistakes as learning opportunities
  • express appreciation for the value of each employees' contribution
  • take responsibility for the performance of your team without robbing them of credit for the part they play
  • don't blame employees for poor results

  • Is my employee entitled to a day off during a labor shortage?

    Taking Days Off

    Be sure you are familiar with your employer's vacation and time off policy. You'll want to understand how time off accrues or when you are eligible for time off, so that you won't plan a vacation or holiday and then find out you are not eligible.

    How can I improve human interaction in the office?

    Blame vs. Solutions

    When things go wrong on the job, resist the urge to start placing blame, and pointing fingers. Management is usually more interested in damage control. So, add to your personal value and professional image by presenting viable solutions rather than spending a lot of time dwelling on the cause. Caution: Don't ignore the cause completely, as the solution may lie in understanding why the problem occurred to begin with.

    How can I manage work-related stress?

    Dealing With Change

    Change can be difficult for many of us. For example, if you've been transferred to a new department or given a new supervisor, there will be some adjustments and time is necessary to cope. Try to understand the change and how it is making you feel. Look for coping mechanisms that address your feelings. For example: if you feel you might be lonely in a new department, try to find ways to help others and make some new friends.

    How can we make new workers feel more welcome?

    Help Others Fit In

    How can new workers be made to feel welcome on the job? It takes more than a tour of the office and an employee orientation. Find ways to include and value new team members. Invite them to sit in on planning and staff meetings, look for their input on new projects, ask them to serve on committees. Valuing employees helps strengthen their commitment to the team. And, of course, be sure to provide adequate training when appropriate.

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