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What is the best way to decide on what to buy as an office gift?

Employee Gift Exchange

Pass out pre-addressed index cards to each person. Have everyone write down their three favorite gift categories on the blank side of the card. (For example, books, CDs and gourmet cookies.) Collect and fold the cards so that the names don't show. Have each participant pick one of the cards from a basket. If the person picks her own card, have her put it back and pick another. Ask each person to keep the recipient's name and the category chosen a secret.

How should I act at an office party?

Office Parties: Be a Gracious Guest

An excellent way to show your appreciation for being invited to a party is to arrive on time. Speak with your boss (or bosses), socialize with co-workers and try to mingle and meet some of the guests that you don't know.

When being introduced to someone, make sure you look the person in the eye, and greet them with a firm handshake. (Keep your right hand clean and free to shake hands. It helps to balance your food, drink, and napkin in your left hand to prevent having to switch items from hand to hand.)

Should I think of the office party as a business function?

Office Parties are Business Functions

Even though the music is playing, food and alcohol are being served, and people are laughing – the office party is a business function. Keeping this in mind before your every action can only lead to successful behavior.

What are some good Christmas Office party ideas?

Charity Event for the Holidays

For a change of pace, try a company celebration that captures the holiday spirit —an event, party or carnival with proceeds going to a charity. Select a local charity with whom to plan a volunteer activity. Employees can decide whether or not they want to have a party or donate the money that would be used for the party to a charitable organization instead.

How should I behave at an office party?

Help! I Don't Know Anyone at This Party!

One way to approach a roomful of strangers, is to pick out someone who is alone or looks friendly and introduce yourself. Something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Jane and I haven't met anyone here yet. How do you know our host?" should work wonders.

What is the best way to take up an office collection?

Office Collections

In some offices, collections are taken up so often they're resented. When this happens, discuss the possibility of a department kitty, where everyone chips in five or ten dollars at the beginning of the year to be allocated as the need arises.

How should I behave at an office party?

Eat Before You Imbibe

If you know you will be partaking of alcoholic beverages, eat a little something before you go to the party, or have some food when you get there - before you imbibe. Moderation in drink is the best approach at a company event.

How does an office decide on a price range for an office gift?

Price Range of Office Gift

Decide on a reasonable minimum and maximum dollar value for each gift by conferring with your supervisor. Keep in mind that most people are on a budget. Inform your group of the gift's price range during a planned meeting and ask if there are any objections.

What should I wear at an office party?

Party Attire

If the party is being held away from the office determine what is the proper attire before you and your companion arrive. If the party is formal, wear formal dress. Women should wear conservative party dresses. Leave the revealing and bright colored dresses for strictly social affairs and not the office party.

What type of office party should I have?

Alternative Ideas for Company Parties

Instead of the traditional evening office party, consider hosting a breakfast, brunch or lunch that will allow employees to include their families in the festivities. Better yet, follow up your early-in-the-day party with an early dismissal --a gift most employees will surely appreciate.

How should I act when clients are attending a company party?

Clients at a Company Party

If you have clients that are attending your company party, remember they are your responsibility. You should stay close by, make sure they have plenty to eat and drink, and introduce them to the most important people.

What are some good party tips?

Party Planning: Involve Others

If employees are reponsible for putting together a party or event, make sure there are enough individuals involved. To ease the work load, contract outside providers for services such as catering, tending bar, florist, disc-jockey, etc.

How early should I send invitations?

Send Invitations Out Early

Send out invitations or a memo at least three weeks prior to office events. If the event or party is being held away from the office, be sure to include thorough directions. Make sure the RSVP date is included on the invitation.

How do I show my co-workers how great they are?

Work Appreciation

Make sure you chat with your co-workers and tell them how great it was to work with them all year. Remember to thank those that worked with you on projects throughout the year.

How should I act at an office party?

Do Your Pre-Party Homework

One way to speed the ice-breaking process at an event where you don't know the other guests, is to learn what you can about them before the event. Ask the host to brief you about their occupations and interests. Then when the big day comes, you'll be better prepared.

What are some party ideas?

Party Ideas: Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme is very helpful in making other decisions related to the party (such as invitations, food, centerpieces and other decorative or ambience related factors).

Once a theme has been selected, decide on a color pallette that complements the theme.

How do I avoid over-drinking at an office party?

Drinking in Moderation

While at an office party, avoid salty, greasy, or sweet foods. These tend to make you thirsty, giving you an excuse for having an alcoholic beverage. Instead, eat foods that are rich in starch and protein. These stay in the stomach longer and slow the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream.

What should I be aware of when at an office party?

Office Party Behaviour

With a little too much to drink or in the spirit of seasonal abandon, co-workers may exchange personal secrets or make or accept amorous overtures for which they'll hate themselves in the harsh light of the workday. The safest way to avoid such embarrassment is to be aware of its possibility and stay in control. Limiting your drinking is a starting point. And it should go without saying that the use of any illegal substances at a party won't be tolerated.

How much should I eat or drink at an office party?

Don't Overindulge at Company Parties

Office parties are a strange mix of social pleasure and office politics. Avoid drinking too much. Over-indulging may be the number one cause of inappropriate remarks and behavior at office parties. Remember: you have to face all these people when you go back to work, so leave a good impression.

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