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How can I take better care of office furniture?

Give That Bookcase a Break

Store the heaviest stuff on the bottom or lowest shelves of your bookcase. Keep frequently used items on middle shelves and put the lightest and infrequently used items on upper shelves. (This advice applies all the more if your bookcases are inexpensive or economy grade.)

Where should task lighting be placed?

Task Lighting

Task lighting (which directs lights where your vision will be concentrated) should shine over the shoulder opposite your writing hand so that your writing hand won't cast shadows on your work. Note: Flourescent bulbs cast less of a shadow than incandescents.

How can I avoid eye strain when working at a computer?

Avoiding Eye Strain

To avoid tired or aching eyes when using your computer, ergonomic experts suggest positioning your monitor 16 to 30 inches away from your eyes, depending on what's comfortable. The monitor should be 4 to 8 inches lower than eye level, so you're looking slightly down towards it. And it should be tilted slightly up, as if it were a book or magazine.

How do I find a good comfortable chair?

Choose a Comfortable Chair

The more time you will spend sitting in your office, the more important it will be to choose a comfortable chair. Visit several office furniture showrooms and have the salesperson show you various chair models from different manufacturers. Have the salesperson explain and compare features. Read all you can about the benefits and types of ergonomic products, in order to make an informed decision.

What is the best type of work station?

Desk Shapes

The traditional L-shaped work station is efficient for tasks that require spreading out large amounts of paperwork. Keep the computer and other desktop gear on one leg of the "L" and the paperwork, office supplies, and phone on the other.

What questions should you ask before leasing office space?

Shopping for Office Space

When looking in to leasing office space it is very important to ask the right questions. Ask about the square footage of the office, the loss factor, net or gross rent, individual metering of utilities, provision for cleaning service, maintenance of heating and air-conditioning systems and office decoration. All these details should be spelled out in a signed contract before any money is exchanged.

What should you look for in an office chair?

Adjustable Chairs for Maximum Comfort

Look for an adjustable seat, a back that tilts for good posture and comfort, and adjustable arms that can be moved as needed. Find a seat that is not too long —it should not hit you behind the knees when your rear is at the back of the chair.

What is the best kind of lighting for my office?

Light Conditions

A mixture of fluorescent and incandescent lighting is most pleasing to (and easiest on) the eyes. Spectrum lighting filters will also help reduce eyestrain.

What should I look for in an office chair?

Buying A Chair

When buying a chair for your office look for a chair with adjustable seat and back that tilt for good posture and comfort. Your chair must accommodate a number of posture changes through the day.

What is the best color for an office?

Office Walls

Choose paint shades in pale or muted colors (instead of white) to cut glare. Stay away from bold or busy wallpaper patterns, as strong patterns can be distracting.

What questions should you ask when choosing a broker?

Selecting a Broker

When selecting a broker to help you locate office space, find one who specializes in the type of space you desire. For example, small space tenants will get better service from someone who understands small tenant needs. Your broker should assist in identifying your space needs, locating property that best fits those needs, negotiate the best lease possible and explain how that lease could affect you in the future.

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