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How can I be a better leader?

Managers That Boost Morale

Good managers can make the difference when it comes to retaining quality employees. Jeffrey Saltzman, an industrial psychologist recommends business owners looks for these traits in their managers:

  • Considerate treatment of subordinates
  • Ability to give clear directions
  • Offers rewards and challenges on the job

    Guess what? Owners should manage their managers in the same way.

  • What should I look for in a new job?

    Don't Overlook Job Satisfaction

    No matter how prestigious your job title, no matter how good the pay or benefits are, some jobs just aren't worth what you have to go through to keep them. Your job satisfaction can contribute to your sense of personal achievement and success, boost your morale, add to your well-being and improve your on-the-job performance. Don't overlook the happiness factor!

    How can I improve morale in the office?

    Appreciate Your Team

    Keep office morale high by showing appreciation to everyone on your team. Make it a practice to thank all of your support staff —secretaries, assistants, junior managers— for their contributions.

    How do I handle personal problems?

    Personal Problems

    If your troubles are having a serious impact on your ability to work, consider seeing a trained counselor. Check with your human resources manager for employer sponsored programs.

    How can I avoid job burn-out?

    Avoid Burn Out

    While it's important to do your best on any job and demonstrate your skills and commitment to your employer, be on guard against job burn-out. Burn-out occurs when your work life takes over. Work-related pressures, and trying to live up to an excessively high standard/image can set you up for a classic case of burn-out.

    How do I avoid burnout?

    Keeping a Small Business Fun

    Running a small business is a lot of work and can overwhelm you, if you let it. Don't forget to have some fun by thinking about what you enjoy and finding ways to fit those activities into your work week.

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