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What are some extras that will make my home office more comfortable?

Consider a Reading Area

If space permits, include a comfortable reading chair and ottoman in your home office. An over the shoulder lamp beside the chair would be a good idea, as well.

What are some points to consider when plannng a home office?

Durabel Carpets

When selecting office carpet, consider hard working and durable sisal. In addition to its durability, it looks great.

What Equipment and Furniture Are Essential to a Home Office?

Storage on the Cheap

When organizing a home office on a budget, consider using discarded school lockers, which work great for coats and boots. A slightly battered metal cabinet with lots of drawers can hold bills, cheques, invoices, stamps, office tools, etc.

Caution: if you will be seeing clients in your office, err on the side of professional.

What are some points to consider when plannng a home office?

Budget Shelving

Shelves are a must in any office. Industrial shelving with metal struts and planks is a good idea if you are on a budget. You can buy a few for now and add more as you need them.

What should I look for in an office chair?

Will That Chair Be With Or Without Armrests ?

If you have to sit very close to your desk, consider buying an office chair without arms. If not, purchase a chair with adjustable arms that can be moved as needed.

What´s a good way to clean my office?

Cleaning Your Office

Establish an efficient "cleaning path" and clean zones in a circular, clockwise direction making two loops -- one for heavy cleaning, another for spot cleaning.

What are some inexpensive ideas for decorating my home office?

Decorating Ideas for Desk Top

A decorative flowerpot can act as a perfect pen-and-pencil holder. Personalize your tissue box (which usually sits above or on your desk) with photocopies of family pictures. Glue fancy paper on plain wooden boxes and screw on small casters to the bottom for easy rolling about.

What are some points to consider when plannng a home office?

How Much Time Will You Spend in Your Office?

When planning a home office, consider how much time you will spend in it. If you'll be working full-time, you're obviously going to be spending a great deal more time in the office than someone who uses a home office to pay the monthly household bills. Consequently, the more time you spend in the office, the more attention you should give to comfort and function.

How do I judge how much space I´ll require for my home office?

Planning Your Desktop Workspace

Does your work require you to spread out a lot of paperwork? Or is your work primarily making phone calls? Do you have a lot of samples or catalogs you frequently refer to? Or is your largest reference tool the Internet? Answering these questions will help you decide how much desktop and counter space you need. If your work involves a lot of paper and spreading out, invest in an expansive conference table. If all you need is a phone and a laptop, look into office armoires. Best bet: keep your personal work habits in mind as you design your workspace.

How can I furnish my office inexpensively?

Second Hand Furniture

When your home office budget is tight, be sure to check out secondhand furniture shops and used-office-supply stores. Gently used furniture is often available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new.

What are some inexpensive ideas for decorating my home office?

Inexpensive Bulletin Board

Used wine corks cut in half with a craft knife and hot glued to a store bought bulletin board can create a fun spot for pinning notes and photos. Even when partially covered, the bulletin board will still look good.

How can I keep my work and home life in balance?

Outsource Work Overload

Because self-employed workers wear so many hats, they may start to feel that they are slaves to their jobs. How can this problem be avoided? One way is to delegate some of the workload. Hiring a part time assistant (or outsourcing the work to a virtual assistant) will help lighten the burden of administrative tasks.

Should my home office have direct access to the outdoors?

Entrance to Home Office

When a direct access entrance is absolutely out of the question, strive for credibility and professional ambience in planning how you will receive visitors. Be sure that your main entry is tidy and presentable and don't forget to make sure the house and office are clean and orderly, too.

How can I improve the safety of my home office?

Bolt Heavy Furniture

Taking the time to bolt bookcases, armoires, and other heavy office furniture to the wall is especially important in a home office where children are sometimes present. Kids sometimes use lower shelves or drawers to climb up and see what's in a higher area. Unsecured furniture could easily present a dangerous toppling hazard. Strapping furniture is also a smart preventative measure in the event of an earthquake.

Is it possible to share a home office space?

Sharing a Home Office Workspace

Plan shared offices so that each user has their own personal work space and respect one another's territory. Make shared areas such as printer or fax stations, supply cabinets and files easily accessible to all users.

What are some ideas for organizing my desk?

Hiding Computer Wires

Make sure you hide computer wires for safety reasons. Hooks from the hardware store screwed to the underside of your desk can hold computer wires safely enclosed in plastic tubing, available at most electrical supply stores. This is very important especially if you have small children visiting your office.

How can I make my home office comfortable?

Step Ladder in Office

If you have shelving in your home office, buy a library stepladder to reach the top shelves. If you purchase the right type, it can even act as extra seating.

What Equipment and Furniture Are Essential to a Home Office?

Chairs for Home Office

When planning a home office invest in the best chair you can. This should be one of your first purchase. Don't be afraid of spending money for comfort —you will be sitting in this chair for many hours every day. Expect to pay between $300-$1200 for a good quality chair with lumbar support and several adjustable settings.

How can I make my home office comfortable?

Heating a Home Office

If you are converting an attic or basement space into an office, give the area its own heating source (such as an electric baseboard heater). If the office is to be connected to the central heating, put it on a separate zone so the heat can be shut off at night or when you are out.

How can I set up a home office area?

Creating a Home Office in a Shared Space

If you do not have a separate room for setting up a home office, create the illusion of distinct space by setting off the working area with a barrier made from screens, drapery/curtains, shelving units or cabinetry. Arrange the barrier so that it will shield the office as much as possible from the dominant traffic pattern in the rest of the house.

What should I do if I have to see clients in my home office?

Prepare for Client Visits

Schedule appointments for client visits to a home office. This allows you to 'set the stage' for a professional encounter. Have the office and home entry neat and tidy and be sure the door is answered by a responsible, well dressed adult (preferably you).

What Equipment and Furniture Are Essential to a Home Office?

Wants Vs. Needs

As you plan your home office, think about what equipment you need to run your particular business. For example, a freelance writer would probably need a computer with a modem or a good fax machine to keep in touch with editors. Caution: try not to confuse wants with actual needs.

Is it worth it to remodel a home office?

Should I Add-on a Home Office?

If your home office is the kitchen table or bedroom nightstand, you might consider remodelling your home to include office space. According to Remodeling Magazine, an average home office remodeling project can result in about a 55% return on your investment. Home offices placed sixth in a list of the top ten projects with a return at resale.

What should I look for in an office chair?

Best Base on an Office Chair

Look for an office chair with a five-star or five-pronged base. A chair that has only a four-star base may tip over.

What should I look for in an office chair?

Office Chair - Seat Considerations

Make sure the seat on your office chair isn't too long. It should not hit you behind the knees when your behind is at the back of the chair. A too-short seat is not advisable either.

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