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Should I send thank you notes to interviewers?

Remember to Send Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are an often overlooked, but nonetheless important part of your job hunting. Think of a thank you letter as an investment in your career —they reflect well on you and further your reputation.

How do I answer "what are your weaknesses?"

"What Are Your Weaknesses?"

"What Are Your Weaknesses?" is a tough question for many job applicants. A good way to field this question is to either give a weakness you no longer have and tell how you overcame it, or name a weakness that is not blatantly negative or can be easily improved. Example: "I tend to be a perfectionist and don't want to let go of a project until I know it's just right."

How can I improve my resume?

Sharpen That Resume

Interested in adding more impact to your resume? Then cut out the fat! Leave out detailed lists of responsibilities and duties and focus instead on what you accomplished and how you made a difference in your past positions. Use action verbs and keep accomplishment statements sharp and measurable instead of vague and undefined. Examples:

  • Increased widget sales by 15%
  • Streamlined physical files reducing storage needs by 25%
  • Simplified tracking system for repair returns resulting in instant job status reporting

  • How do I write a two-week notice of resignation letter to my employer?

    Keep Resignation Letters Short

    Letters of resignation don't have to be lengthy or detailed. Your objective is to inform your employer in the most professional manner possible that you will be leaving. Let your boss know you have accepted another position, state the last day you are available to work and thank your employer for past experiences.

    How can I deal with being fired?

    Make Peace with Your Job Loss

    Terminated workers must come to grips with the loss of their job or risk difficulties in finding future employment (who wants to hire a potential problem?)

    In her book "In Search of a Job," Karyn Innis recommends starting with some introspection. Ask yourself:

  • What really happened?
  • What problems face me in my job search?
  • What do I want to do next?
  • What is important to me?
  • What do I have to offer?
  • What have I accomplished in my working life?

    The answers to these questions are the foundation to all future job search activities.

  • What questions should I ask during an interview?

    Ending an Interview Gracefully

    Your interview is coming to a close and the interviewer asks you if you have any further questions. Your mind goes blank and you freeze. Should you mumble something out just to comply? Absolutely not! It's alright to pass on final questions, if you simply cannot think of anything further you need to ask. Simply say, "No, thank you. You've covered all my concerns."

    How do I end my job interview?

    End Your Interview with Intelligent Questions

    Asking intelligent, concise questions is a good way to end an interview session. Your questions can deal with the job opening or the company in general. It's a good idea to prepare closing questions ahead of time to avoid last minute “mental block.” Best bet: don't ask questions about perks like vacation and benefits. Instead focus your questions on the job's important duties or when the company expects to make a final hiring decision.

    Should I list all my past employment on a resume?

    Honesty is the Best Résumé Policy

    A prospective employer can —and more than likely will— verify your past employment with a background check or pre-employment screening. So, be honest. Never lie about your work history or educational background. It could keep you from getting a job or could be grounds for your immediate dismissal after a job is secured.

    Can a company terminate me earlier than the two-week notice I gave?

    Don't Burn Bridges When You Quit

    No matter how happy you are to be moving on, no matter how much you may have hated your job, don't burn bridges when you leave a position. To the best of your ability, leave on a positive and professional note.

    How can I advance in my career?

    Keep Your Career on Track

    Want to advance in your career? Write a career plan. A personal career plan can help you keep your career on track by keeping you focused on your goals and reminding you of your achievements. A plan can also include educational milestones which complement your career path. Take some time every year to reflect on your plan and make adjustments (the new year is a good time for re-analyzing).

    Should I consider temporary work?

    Temporary Work Helps You Find Your Niche

    One benefit of working with a temporary agency (aka 'temping') is that it allows you to explore a variety of office environments. You can test the 'fit' of working with a large or small staff. You can find out if you prefer working in a service or retail industry, or a manufacturing environment. Explore a variety of jobs and be alert to which tasks and environments make the most sense for you.

    How do I write a cover letter?

    Cover Letters Defined

    A cover letter is a means of introducing a job applicant and his/her qualifications. It's called a 'cover' letter because it covers or presents an enclosed résumé. Cover letters are sometimes referred to as application letters.

    What is the best way to answer interview questions?

    "What Type of Job Are You Looking For?"

    Perhaps nothing can be worse during a job interview (or for your career for that matter) than not knowing what you are looking for in a new position. When an interviewer asks what type of job you are looking for, be detailed and specific. Example: "I'm looking for an entry level sales position that will further my abilities and provide room for growth and advancement."

    How can I get an office job?

    Entry Level Office Jobs

    Getting hired for an entry-level office job usually requires these basic clerical skills: keyboarding/typing (aim for at least 35 wpm); proficiency in a word processing program such as Word or WordPerfect; knowledge of basic filing procedures and proficiency in answering business telephones.

    Who should I thank after I find a job?

    Who to Thank During Your Job Search

    Who should you thank during and after your job search? Anyone who has helped you in your endeavors:

    ˇcolleagues who give you job leads

    ˇmentors who critique your résumé or coach you

    ˇpotential employers who take the time to interview you

    ˇformer employers who provide letters of references

    ˇand anyone else who has made an effort on your behalf

    How can I improve my job skills?

    Hone Your Skills

    If you are interested in career growth, you'll want to be sure to continue your education. Not sure which skills to acquire or sharpen? Check the classifieds (or other job postings) for the education, skills and experience requirements of the positions you are interested in moving up to. Weekend and evening classes are offered at many local colleges and adult schools.

    How can I improve my interview performance?

    Advance Preparation Boosts Interview Performance

    Before you go to an interview, prepare! Find out all you can about the job and the company. Practice answering standard interview questions such as "What can you contribute to our company?" or "What are your career goals?" and "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" Preparation will help you to handle the interview intelligently and confidently.

    After turning in a job application, should I place a follow-up call?

    Follow Up On Job Applications

    Follow up on job applications within the first couple of weeks after you've submitted them. Call the organization and ask if they have started their interviewing process yet.

    How do I end an interview gracefully?

    Thank Your Interviewer

    Be sure to close your job interview by thanking the person or persons who conducted it. Showing your sincere gratitude (perhaps accompanied by a warm handshake) is not only polite, but it also closes an interview on a positive note. When there are a lot of candidates being considered for a position, small gestures like this may help you stand out from the crowd.

    What should I ask for in a relocation package for a new job?

    Job Relocation

    When negotiating a corporate relocation, keep in mind that packages vary and tend to be specific to an industry, company or position. Specific features —such as travel expenses and tax calculations— depend on individual circumstances and corporate budgets.

    How do I write up a Job Proposal?

    Writing a Job Proposal

    A job proposal is report that describes and details a job that doesn't exist yet. In a nutshell, the proposal includes an introduction stating why this job is needed, followed by a section telling why you are qualified to fill that need, and finally details how much it will cost. (Of course, your actual proposal will cover each of these topics in further detail.) Caution: Be sure your proposal is compete, and has no misspellings, grammatical, or typographical errors.

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