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Is gossiping appropriate behaviour at work?

Gossiping At Work

If you value your reputation and career, don't succumb to the temptation to gossip. Whether the news is good or bad, don't talk about your co-workers or your employer with others.

How do I deal with difficult co-workers?

Courtesy in the Office

Use these three phrases frequently and make your office interactions much more pleasant:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Excuse me

  • What are office politics?

    Office Politics Are Always Changing

    One thing to remember about office politics is that they are subtle and always changing. Taking the time to be aware of shifting moods and alliances within the workforce will help you to succeed.

    How can I resolve conflict on the job?

    Resolving Conflict

    Conflict is bound to occur in any setting where people work in close proximity. Don't let conflict steal your productivity. Instead, use it to your advantage by working together to identify the problem:

  • Analyze the problem in the light of common and differing interests
  • Draft possible resolutions
  • After discussing and ranking solutions, determine a compromise
  • Allow some time to work through the solution and then lastly
  • Revisit the problem and evaluate the success of resolution plan

  • As a boss, how should I introduce my assistant?

    Non-sexist Introductions

    It isn't appropriate for a supervisor or boss to refer to his or her female assistant as "my girl." She should be introduced as "Fay Wray, my assistant."

    How do I deal with difficult co-workers?

    The Office Whiner

    Most offices have at least one "whiner". Try to respond without being rude. Let the person complain, then acknowledge their complaint but don't empathize. Don't allow them to sidetrack you ——speak only about the issue at hand. If you have a solution, suggest it only once.

    How can I understand my boss better?

    What Makes the Boss Tick

    Trying to understand what makes your boss tick can help you get along better with him or her. Your increased understanding of her or his personality can help you anticipate what the boss will do (or how the boss will react) in various situations.

    What are office politics?

    Defining Office Politics

    Office politics are the strategies that people use to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace. As workers, we perceive politics as the use and misuse of power in the workplace. The good news is office politics aren't always a bad thing. The bad news? Workplace politics seem to be inevitable.

    What tasks should I delegate?

    Asking for Personal Favors

    It is unwise to instruct a subordinate to do your personal chores, such as buying a personal gift or running an errand, unless these tasks were specified as part of that person's job at the time of hiring. If you really needs a favor done, consider the request personal.

    How should I address my boss?

    Courtesy Titles in the Office

    If courtesy titles are used in your office, but your boss has told you to please call him Charlie when meeting alone, you should still call him Mr. Dodd when others are around. If yours is an informal office, you still should wait for the other person to say, "Please call me Jim," before doing so if he's been introduced to you as "Mr. Culyer" or "Jim Culyer."

    Should I date co-workers?

    Look Before You (Lovers) Leap

    Romantic relationships with co-workers can be more difficult than other liaisons. Work rivalry may come between the two of you. Linking hands across ranks will generate unkind gossip about exploiting sexuality for work kudos. The office grapevine may be malicious in condemnation of the couple. Both parties could lose the respect of colleagues. Think it through before you make your move.

    How personal should I get with a co-worker?

    Your Co-Workers Deserve Their Privacy

    Respect your co-workers' privacy. Refrain from asking personal questions such as: How much did you pay for that suit? Why did you divorce? Did you get a raise?

    Should I date co-workers?

    Office Romance

    Before dating or getting romantically involved with someone at work, it's wise to first check your company's written and unwritten policies about such relationships.

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