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What are some good ideas for planning a home office?

Filing Cabinet Alternatives

Ever notice how far the drawers of a standard filing cabinet extend? In some small offices pulling a file cabinet drawer open may take up nearly all the space available. Avoid the file drawer crunch by using lateral files (which open to about one-half the amount of a standard file drawer), or open shelf filing. Both types build files in a left to right (rather than a front to back) pattern.

How can I improve my job skills?

Check Out Your Local Library

Need to improve your on-the job knowledge or skills? Look no further than your public library. Most local libraries house a wide variety of books, both job related and those pertaining to the general industry you work in. In addition, many public libraries are now expanding their offerings with public computers equipped with the latest software and often tutorials for learning the software. Other holdings may include video instruction tapes or even business and computer classes. Check out your local library. You may be surprised what you find.

How can I be more efficient on the job?

Build Your Reference Library

Employers usually provide the basic reference books such as a dictionary and thesaurus. But many of us can benefit from other reference guides, too.

There`s nothing to keep you from purchasing your own books especially if they are books you`ll want to keep. If you do make non-reimbursed book purchases, it`s a good idea to tape purchase receipts inside the back cover of your books as a reminder that you paid for them.

Books purchased for on-the-job use may also be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

For laser printers, how can the toner life be extended?

Laser Printer Toners

The life of a toner cartridge can be extended by operating your laser printer with the print density adjustment dial set on a higher number (for light print), also known as Economode. Refer to the printer User's Manual for the location of the print density control.

How do you fax graphics?

Faxing Graphics

When you fax images, print them out in shades of grey or better yet, print them as outlined images with no shading. A dark photo may appear black when faxed and colour may transit poorly also.

How should toner cartridges be stored?

Printer Toners

Keep the toner package away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. The recommended temperature range for storage is between –4 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit
(-20 and 40 degrees Celsius).

Why should you invest in quality equipment?

Invest in Quality Equipment

When setting up a new office, invest in quality equipment. Good quality equipment is usually more reliable and outperforms its less expensive counterparts. Remember the old adage: you get what you pay for.

How do I test my laser label sheets?

Testing Laser Label Sheets

Laser label sheets should not have any exposed adhesive. To test label stock for adhesive exposure, press a sheet of plain paper against a sheet of label stock. The plain paper should not stick to the label stock at all.

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