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How to a prepare for a meeting?

Preparation Checklist

Contribute to successful meetings by doing homework on your agenda; notifying participants in advance; ensuring invitees can attend; reserve a location for the meeting; give participants enough time to meet any special technical needs for the meeting - visual aids, presentations, etc.

How can I be a better meeting participant?

Meeting Ground Rules

Establishing ground rules keeps meetings on track and adds to their effectiveness. Some good rules for meetings are to: begin and end on time; stick to an agenda; make decisions by consensus; encourage participating by attendees; and allow for healthy conflict, but maintain an orderly and professional atmosphere.

How can I be a better meeting participant?

Be a Good Listener

During meetings, work hard at listening carefully to what others say and consider their ideas objectively. This extra effort will help you get more out of meetings.

What should I think about when planning an office party?

Planning an Office Event

Using employees to plan an office event is a great idea (as long as the event planning doesn't interfere with work). Form a small committee to take care of the details. Decide on a budget and ask for ideas from committee members or the entire body of employees. Assign various tasks to committee members and hold a few follow up meetings to check on event planning progress. Be sure to plan 'backwards' from the event date, so that there is plenty of lead time for accomplishing all the necessary details.

How can I be a better meeting participant?

Follow-Through After Meetings

If you've volunteered or agreed to do anything during the course of a meeting, be sure to follow through on your commitment. It's a good idea to carry your planner or handheld to the meeting so that you can enter the new task immediately.

How do I handle gender issues on the job?

Greeting Office Visitors

Both genders should be first to shake the hand of an office visitor or someone they're meeting for the first time. A kiss on the cheek instead of a handshake may be exchanged in the context of a banquet or convention if the two people know each other well, but not in a purely business setting.

How can I be a better meeting participant?

Follow Up After Meetings

After meetings, be sure to provide feedback to the meeting leader. This demonstrates your commitment to the organization (or team) and its objectives.

How do I prepare an agenda?

Preparing Agendas

When preparing an agenda, be sure to include an objective and list of matters to be discussed. It's also helpful to include meeting details, such as location, start and end times and who will attend.

What is the proper etiquette when arriving at a meeting?

Workplace Etiquette: Get That Door!

When arriving at a meeting, whoever gets to the door first should open it and hold it for others. When it comes to the elevator, whoever is closest to the elevator door should enter or exit first.

What are some different types of meetings?

Meeting Categories

Two main types of meetings are informational and decision making. The former is typically the basis for sales presentations or advise/update topics, whereas the latter is used for goal-setting and problem-solving.

How can we make meetings more productive?

Close That Meeting Right

What is the most effective way to close a meeting? In a word: Review. Summarize what has been discussed or accomplished. Clarify which actions (if any) need to be taken and by whom. If there are decisions that still need to be made, make a plan for follow up.

Who sits where at a meeting?

Meeting Seating

Generally, the chairperson sits at the end of the table farthest from the entrance to the conference room. The seats on either side of him or her are for guests or visitors, or for senior management members or assistants to the chairperson who may help distribute materials or fulfill whatever needs the chairperson has. In most instances, the rest of the seating is open.

How can we plan a company party?

Event Planners

Event planners specialize in planning company events if you don't have time to attend to every detail yourself. Ask for and check references for any firm you decide to hire. Make sure budget is clearly outlined and review your contract carefully before signing the dotted line.

How can we make meetings more productive?

Start Meetings with a Silence Reminder

Before you begin an important business meeting, mention that you're placing your phone (or pager) on vibrate or silent and request others to do the same.

What is good etiquette at a business luncheon?

Business Lunch Etiquette

At a business lunch, a woman shouldn't expect a male companion to seat her, nor should he feel compelled to do so.

How can I be a better meeting participant?

Prepare for Meetings

Get more out of meetings by preparing in advance. While at the meeting be sure to contribute to the discussion.

Who pays at a business lunch?

Who Pays for Lunch?

Whoever invites a colleague or client to a business lunch should pick up the tab. Exception: Co-workers who regularly lunch together usually have an understanding of 'dutch treat.'

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